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SpecLink-E, unlike its competitors, allows users to edit by selecting text instead of deleting it.

All of the master text is always available: just select what you want. Editing is fast and easy! You customize your projects without affecting the master. Furthermore, you can add your own text or import data from a word processor. All your changes are stored in a project overlay that maintains your project’s integrity--even when we update the project master!

Below is a conceptual illustration of the SpecLink-E database, showing how your project data is stored in an "overlay" over the master data. This is how you can make any type of edit without changing the master data. It is also why the updates that you get every three months do not ever change or remove your edits–the master data "slides in" under your project edits.


Editing in SpecLink-E

Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them full size... or view a short PowerPoint slide show version here.

Although most editing is simply a matter of clicking on text you want to include... You can also edit master text, add your own paragraphs,and import text from word processing. All your changes to the master text are stored in a project overlay file that is completely unaffected by our quarterly updating!

<<< Edit master text: Click anywhere within a paragraph and type as you would in word processing to create an edited version of master text.

<<< An icon in the Notes column indicates the presence of a master note, with information relevant to editing the paragraph. This note appears in the left panel of the screen when you click anywhere in the paragraph.

<<< Clicking the project notes button in the toolbar opens the project notes panel. You can enter a project note at any paragraph in the project, including paragraphs you have added. The presence of a project note is indicated by a new blue icon in the Notes column.

<<< Click on a hyperlink in the Notes panel opens a browser window with other information relevant to the paragraph.