BSD Solutions

Looking for a new and better way of managing specifications production for building construction projects?

Interoperability software that links specifications with Revit models

Produce cost estimates in 10 minutes using RS Means models

This year, SpecLink-E’s more than 10,000 users will specify manufacturers by name over a million times.

BSD Softlink products address all phases of design and construction.

INTELLIGENT REVIT OBJECTS:  BSD now offers a catalog of 600+ Revit objects that are pre-linked to BSD SpecLink-E through the LinkMan-E add-on software. Over 200 wall types, dozens of window and door types, and floor/ceiling types are included.
BSD MATERIALS FOR REVIT:  BSD now offers a catalog of 1,700 materials that can be easily imported into Revit for application to existing Revit elements. The current release of LinkMan-E  automatically connects these Revit elements with the corresponding specifications in SpecLink-E.
SPECIFIER'S LIBRARY:  Spec writing tips, tools, and resources for our customers
LUNCH AT CONSTRUCT 2016:  Join us for lunch at Construct 2016 for an informal educational forum